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Sustainable Corporate Gifting

A Business Guide to Sustainable Corporate Gifting

As we move towards a more eco-friendly world, sustainable practices are becoming more and more common in all aspects of life. Corporate gifting is no exception! Gone are the days of bland, thoughtless gifts that end up in the back of a drawer, never to be seen again. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of sustainable corporate gifting and how it can benefit both your business and the environment.
Gone are the days of generic gift baskets filled with plastic trinkets and non-recyclable packaging. With sustainable corporate gifting, you can give a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift that shows you care about your recipients and the environment.
But who should give sustainable business gifts, you ask? Any organisation making the effort to be eco-friendly can give out gifts that are not wasteful and are even beneficial in some cases to the environment.
Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room – what is sustainable corporate gifting? Simply put, it’s the act of giving gifts to clients or employees that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. This can include gifts made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or recycled plastic, as well as gifts that support ethical and fair-trade practices.

The Importance of Sustainable Corporate Gifting

Now that we’ve established what sustainable corporate gifts are, let’s dive into why sustainable corporate gifting is so important. Firstly, it shows your clients and employees that you care about the environment and are committed to making a positive impact. In today’s world, where climate change is a pressing issue, this can go a long way in building trust and loyalty with your stakeholders.
Secondly, sustainable corporate gifting can be a cost-effective way to promote your brand. By giving gifts that are practical and useful, your recipients will be more likely to use them regularly, which can increase brand exposure. Plus, with so many unique and eye-catching sustainable gift options available, you can stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression.
Lastly, sustainable corporate gifting can have a positive impact on society as a whole. Sustainable corporate gifting is also good for your business. By showing your clients and employees that you care about the environment, you’re strengthening your brand and building loyalty. You’re also setting yourself apart from competitors who may not prioritize sustainability. By supporting fair-trade and ethical practices, you can help to promote sustainable livelihoods and empower communities. This can create a ripple effect that goes beyond your immediate stakeholders and contributes to a better world for everyone.

Sustainable Corporate Gifting Ideas

Now, you may be thinking “but sustainable gifts are boring and uninspiring!” Fear not because there are plenty of quirky and unique sustainable gifts out there that will leave a lasting impression on your recipients.
What makes a gift sustainable? A sustainable gift is something that you can give that is ecologically conscious and leaves a lasting impression on the recipient and the environment. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Seed Stationery

Seed stationery items are a fun and eco-friendly way to brighten up any outdoor space. Made from biodegradable paper and packed with seeds, simply throw them onto bare soil after using your pens and pencils and watch them grow into a beautiful array of flowers.
We all need office supplies, but many of them are made from non-recyclable materials. By giving your employees and clients eco-friendly office supplies, such as recycled paper or refillable pens, you’re promoting sustainable practices in the workplace.
Plus, eco-friendly office supplies often come in fun, quirky designs that can add a pop of personality to any workspace. They’re a great gift for clients who enjoy gardening or outdoor activities and are environmentally conscious.

Reusable Water Bottles

Disposable plastic water bottles are a major contributor to plastic pollution. By giving your employees and clients reusable water bottles, you’re not only promoting sustainable practices, but you’re also helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans and landfills
Plus, reusable water bottles come in a variety of styles and materials, so you’re sure to find one that fits your budget and brand.

Beeswax Wraps

Single-use plastic wrap is a thing of the past with beeswax wraps. Made from organic cotton coated in beeswax, these wraps can be used to cover food and keep it fresh, reducing the need for disposable plastic wrap. They’re a great gift for clients who are environmentally conscious and love to cook.

Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

Everyone loves a good phone case, but did you know there are eco-friendly options available? Phone cases made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or recycled plastic are a great way to protect your phone while reducing your environmental impact. They’re a great gift for tech-savvy clients who care about the planet.

Upcycled Notebooks

Notebooks are a staple in any office, but traditional options can be wasteful. Upcycled notebooks, on the other hand, are made from recycled materials such as old newspapers and magazines. They’re a great gift for clients who love to write or sketch, and they come in a variety of unique and eye-catching designs.

Local, Organic Snacks

Food is a great gift for any occasion, but it’s even better when it’s sustainably sourced. By choosing locally grown, organic snacks, you’re supporting small businesses and reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transportation.
Plus, who doesn’t love a good snack? Whether you opt for artisanal chocolates, organic fruit, or locally roasted coffee, your recipients are sure to appreciate a tasty treat that’s also good for the planet.

DIY Kits

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that are handmade. By giving your employees and clients DIY kits, such as herb garden kits or candle-making kits, you’re not only promoting sustainable practices, but you’re also encouraging creativity and mindfulness.
Plus, DIY kits are a great way to personalize your gift and show your recipients that you put thought and care into their present.

Environment donations

As a way to show your employees that you care about the environment, you can make donations in their names to environmental organisations that help support causes. Some of these organisations can really use the funds to be able to better environmental conditions like climate change or deforestation.
In conclusion, Environmentally conscious gifts are the way to go if you want to be an organisation that does more for the environment. Making the most of what you have by giving back to the planet is the best way to be sustainable while also showing your employees you care!

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