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Top 10 Companies in India for Corporate Gifting Solutions

The practice of corporate gifting involves giving valuable gifts to employees, clients, or prospects as a way of creating a connection with them. The choice of gifting in corporate can be anything- starting from an edible treat, corporate swag, a customized coffee mug or a clothing item, to an experience, such as tickets to a concert or an eGift card (non-physical gifts).

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

Corporate Gifting is part of corporate marketing strategy. Imagine you are a loyal employee, and your company puts effort to make you feel important by gifting you something memorable on special occasions. Wouldn’t you absolutely love it? 

Corporate gifting allows better bonding and connection between an employer and an employee. Gifting is a great way of building connections and ensuring that your employees have their best experience at your organization. 

Listed below are the key benefits of corporate gifting.

Uplifts Employee Morale

Through corporate gifting, one can boost their employee’s confidence and morale. A happy employee will find the push and the desire to work better for the organization. Gifting will make your employee realise that you recognize their contribution towards the growth of your company.

Employee Retention

Employee retention is of primary importance when it comes to the reputation and success of your business. Corporate gifting programs ensure higher employee retention. Employees who get recognized for their contributions and enjoy a happy work environment will naturally feel more connected to the organization and choose the option of serving for a longer period of time.

Amid competition in the corporate sector, employers prefer retaining their best talents.

Reputation for Culture and Ethics

Corporate Gifting can make your organization stand out as it portrays a positive image of the company culture and ethics. Your employees and clients will feel motivated to spread the word about your company morals, which firstly can attract a plethora of new talents, and secondly, help build your stance in the ever-competitive world of the corporates. 

Corporate Gifting Companies in India

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur, and are looking forward to the healthy growth of your business, then corporate gifting companies are something that you must refer to. 

Corporate gifting companies are a premium source of corporate gifting items that will make your organisation stand out. Corporate gifting solutions ensure that your employees forever remember the memories associated with the gifts. 

Listed below are the ten best corporate gifting solutions in India. Let no more doubts come your way. Refer to these best gifting solutions for an amazing experience.


Year of Foundation: 2005 

Headquarters: Bangalore

Branches: Hyderabad and Chennai

Offineeds is a leading solution for corporate gifting. With over 17-plus experience in the field of corporate gifting, Offineeds ensures the best client experience. 

On the company’s official website, you come across a wide variety of premium gift items at lucrative discounts. The company website catalogue has a user-friendly design and you can easily browse through the range and categories of gifts that they offer.

Offineeds also offers personalized and customized gift items through printing and embossing. Office tools, apparels, employee-onboarding kits, accessories and eco-friendly gifts are some of the categories for corporate gifting that you can access on their website. 

Altius India Marketing Solutions

Year of Foundation: 2013 

Location: Pune 

Altius India Marketing Solutions ensures the best client experience through its collection of premium professional corporate gifting items on offer. 

 A precisely designed catalogue on the company website allows easy surfing and selection. The range of gifts found in the company’s online store is vast! As an added benefit, you can personalize all the available gifts in the store. These include corporate stationery, accessories, electronics, grooming products, and other innovative products. 


Year of Foundation: 2016

Location: Mumbai 

Yet another premium destination for corporate gifting solutions. The company promises a broad and varied range of top-quality promotional and corporate gift items. 

The categories offered by the gifting company are wooden collections, stationery, gift sets, travel gifts, coffee mugs, homeware, etc. 

Premium gifts offered include premium chocolates, cocobroma-flavoured coffee and Bombay Shaving company grooming kits. 

The gifts available on the online store can be personalized according to your taste. The company has built an excellent reputation for tending to client needs. If you are doubtful, then you can drop your requirements in the message section found on the website. They will get back to you with their best ideas that will rightly suit your needs.

Consortium Gifts

Year of Foundation: 1999

Location: Noida 

With an experience of over 22 years in the field of corporate gifting, Consortium Gifts surprises you with its vast and diverse collection of premium gift items. A well-known brand, Consortium Gifts ensure a wonderful experience. 

The gift items available at the online store are eco-friendly gift products, remote gifts, festival surprises, trophies, mementoes, welcome kits and many more.

Consortium Gifts has been serving industries like IT, healthcare, chemical, electronics and automobile for decades. The company’s top clients are Google, HCL, Vivo and Honeywell among others.


Year of Foundation: 2013

Location: New Delhi

Who doesn’t like chocolates? If you want to introduce something unique in the name of gifting, then chocolates are a great choice! And, Chococraft is just the destination! 

Chococraft offers premium quality chocolate gift items. You can get your gift customized by placing an order for the chocolate of your choice. You say and they make it! In its impeccable and premium form, the chocolates offered by Chococraft ensure the sweetest experience for its recipients. 

Chococrafts is a reliable destination for getting your gifts personalized. Your choice of chocolate gift will come with printed messages, logos and wishes. 

At Chococraft, you can find chocolates of all sizes, shapes, and colours. This is one speciality of the company that has made it popular among its competitors. 

Chococraft delivers all over India. All the colours on the chocolates are USFDA-approved. Some of the top clients of Choccraft are BBC and Aditya Birla among others.

The Giving Tree

Year of Foundation: 2002

Location: Bangalore

One of the most popular names in the corporate gifting sector, The Giving Tree suits right by its name! This gifting company has a variety of gift items on offer. The Giving Tree is one of the best places for eco-friendly gifts items on discounts. 

Premium collection of sarees can be found on the online store of the company. You can find Kalamkari, Phulkari, Gond, Madhubani and Bidri among others. Additionally, office accessories, desktop accessories, chocolates, awards, work-from-home apparel are some of the other categories on the website that you would absolutely love to check out.

FNP Gifts

Year of Foundation: 1994

Branches: New Delhi, Hyderabad

Did you know, Ferns and Petals are the first in the Indian market to introduce the business of flowers and gifts? 

The company has more than 240 outlets in 93 cities pan-India. More than 500 organizations have been listed as loyal and long-term clients of the gifting organization. 

In addition to delivering 3000 flowers for Accenture, 30,000 bouquets for Religare, 8000 gift baskets for Reliance Jewels, 500 bonsai plants for Monster.com, and 3000 gift baskets for JK Lakshmi, they have many more success stories to their credit.

Ferns and Petals also offers other wide range of premium gifting items. 


Swageazy has a global outreach. It is one of the best destinations for getting your gifts customized. A wide range of customized corporate gift categories can be found on the online website. These include Remote kits, go green kits, onboarding kits, eco-friendly kits, gratitude kits, resuming office kits, and others. 

  The outstanding team of creative minds at Swageazy is what makes the gifting company stand out. The team efficiently carries out the design process according to the client’s demands.

CS Corporate Gifts

Year of Foundation: 2006

Location: Mumbai

Just the right destination for you if you are looking for a diverse range of gifting items. CS Corporate Gifts offers a wide array of valuable items with built-in materials like leather, crystal, wood, glass, canvas, paper, ceramic, marble, bone china. Metal gift items made of gold and silver and gemstones can also be found here. 

Other than these premium gifts, a wide range of other lucrative corporate gifting categories  can be found on the site. 

The company’s online store has a 73-page long catalogue which effortlessly helps a user find their choice of gift.


Year of Foundation: 2004 

Headquarters: California

Branches: Chennai and Bangalore

Get your gifts customized and printed at the very best professional printing service, ARC.in. They offer in-house printing solutions at affordable rates. 

The company’s customer-service facility is excellent as they always tend to your needs. The online consultation is free. You can get all your doubts solved in a pretty hassle-free process. ARC.in also assures punctuality. 

The range of printed gifts available at the store includes office calendars, Printed t-shirts, customized printed pens, notebooks, business stationeries, and customized printed pens, among others. 

In conclusion

Save yourself the tiresome process of deciding what to gift. The above-mentioned premium gifting solutions will help you with the best advice and choice of gifts. 

Make your employee smile today. Gift them something delightful, and your employee will cherish the memory forever.

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